Youtoo is the only provider of a fully automated, interactive game platform that allows viewers to pay-to-play along with TV programming, TV commercials and online video. The Youtoo Premium Sweepstakes Engine (“PSE”) is a cloud-based “operating system” that synchronizes consumer devices and social media with TV broadcasts and online videos. Our single technology stack enables us to offer TV games, premium sweepstakes, free-to-play sweepstakes to the television, online video and gaming markets.

Using a patented virtual credit system, the PSE complies with sweepstakes regulations in 44 states in the US and in most advanced nations. This allows our clients to charge viewers to play along with virtually any televised programming or online video where viewers can answer the questions, “What happened” or “What happens next?” The PSE enables real-time, skill based, graphic and trivia companion games for game shows, sporting events, reality programs, talk shows, live events, etc.

To develop the PSE, Youtoo purchased two US cable television networks in 2009. For four years, the networks served as the company’s development and testing platforms providing us unfettered access to live television broadcast infrastructures not normally available to technology companies. This allowed us to integrate our cloud based Content Management System (“CMS”) directly into the broadcast systems (play-out servers, graphic engines, trafficking systems, scheduling systems, etc.) found in most TV networks globally. Then we integrated our CMS into our proprietary mobile app, private label web architecture and major social media networks.


After six years of development, testing, patenting and real-world network TV deployment, we have a created a state-of-the-art, cloud-based platform where minimal integration, if any, is required into a television network, website or mobile app.