The Youtoo Premium Sweepstakes Engine (PSE) is anticipated to revive the multi-billion dollar “Call TV” format globally. Youtoo has patented a technology that legally enables viewers to “pay-to-play” at home with game shows, reality shows, sports programming, live events, etc., to win real cash and prizes. The PSE enables real-time, skill based, graphic and trivia companion games for TV programming.

The PSE is 100% turnkey and risk free.   Whether the series is first-run or in syndication, you can easily add TV Games to your programming. Youtoo provides website and mobile app integration or offers a stand-alone app solely devoted to gameplay. The company administers the game, produces the “in-show” commercial, creates lower-third graphics, provides billing and manages all customer service. The PSE is a 100% managed, private-label game platform

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Not familiar with TV Games? Call TV has a rich history!

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The Youtoo Premium Sweepstakes Engine (“PSE”) allows gaming operators to generate significant revenues, drive players on property and effectively market to Millennials. In an industry where growth is relatively flat, the PSE is the next generation of premium mobile and social electronic games.

The PSE is not Internet gaming or gambling. It allows for “already permissible” premium sweepstakes to be televised. Now, an operator can diversify its revenue portfolio by extending gameplay beyond the casino – either regionally or nationally.

Using existing commercials to promote the services, viewers pay-to pay on your website or mobile app for real cash and prizes; and everybody who plays receives a prize – only redeemable on property. In addition, for every registered player, the PSE delivers over 200 demographic statistics to supercharge your lead generation and marketing.

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How does it work? Patented virtual credits are the answer!

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Add the excitement of premium sweepstakes to your programming! The Youtoo Premium Sweepstakes Engine (PSE) allows a TV producer, gaming operator or online video website to directly monetize viewers. Now, audiences can pay-to-enter sweepstakes to win prizes, fan experiences and cast-meet-and-greets.

For years, Youtoo has hosted and managed advertising supported or “free-to-play” sweepstakes for clients worldwide.  Now, the PSE enables clients to add “a buy button” that turns an ordinary sweepstakes into a significant revenue generator. Best of all, this patented technology makes it easy to add premium sweepstakes to existing programming and add shelf life to older programs.

The sweepstakes engine is 100% turnkey and risk free. The PSE is licensed on a revenue share basis. Youtoo provides website and mobile app integration or offers a stand-alone app solely devoted to gameplay. Youtoo administers the game, randomly selects the winner, and provides sweepstakes insurance. The PSE is a 100% managed, private-label premium sweepstakes platform.

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Learn how the PSE complies with regulations.

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Youtoo administers and manages advertiser sponsored and “free-to-play” sweepstakes for network TV clients globally. Free-to-play sweepstakes add an element of fun and excitement to programming while creating valuable advertising inventory on-air, online and on mobile platforms.

Whether you need to increase sponsorship revenues, build brand awareness or drive ratings, the Youtoo sweepstakes platform is a perfect turnkey solution.   Youtoo administers, hosts and manages all aspects of “free-to-play” sweepstakes.

Our worry free guarantee means we handle the legal compliance, insurance, bonding and escrow (US & International), registration and more. We take the guesswork out of the official contest rules, terms & services, legal disclaimers and COPPA compliance.

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