Add the excitement of premium sweepstakes to your programming! The Youtoo Premium Sweepstakes Engine (PSE) allows a TV producer, gaming operator or online video website to directly monetize viewers. Now, audiences can pay-to-enter sweepstakes to win prizes, fan experiences and cast-meet-and-greets.

For years, Youtoo has hosted and managed advertising supported or “free-to-play” sweepstakes for clients worldwide.  Now, the PSE enables clients to add “a buy button” that turns an ordinary sweepstakes into a significant revenue generator. Best of all, this patented technology makes it easy to add premium sweepstakes to existing programming and add shelf life to older programs.


The sweepstakes engine is 100% turnkey and risk free. The PSE is licensed on a revenue share basis. Youtoo provides website and mobile app integration or offers a stand-alone app solely devoted to gameplay. Youtoo administers the game, randomly selects the winner, and provides sweepstakes insurance. The PSE is a 100% managed, private-label premium sweepstakes platform.

Everybody loves to win! And with the PSE, everyone is a winner. Whether your programming is a sporting event, talk show, reality show or online video, the PSE is proven to create an immersive companion experience to your content. And for gaming operators, the PSE can extend gameplay beyond the property.

The PSE creates a valuable direct-billing relationship with viewers. It is proven to generate revenues, increase Nielsen ratings and provide valuable viewer data not currently available to the market. The PSE enables televised premium sweepstakes and online video to comply with sweepstakes regulations in the US and most advanced nations.

The ultimate viewer interaction is to allow viewers to pay-to-play along with their favorite programs. The PSE utilizes mobile, Internet, social media game play along with a virtual credit system to comply with sweepstakes regulations. After years of development, testing, legal work, patents and international TV deployment, the PSE is now being licensed in the US.