The PSE – Game Mechanics

Using the Youtoo Premium Sweepstakes Engine (PSE), viewers pay-to-play along with TV programs, TV commercials or online video using a private-label website, a mobile app, or on Twitter. Alternatively, an “instant play” mobile web app can be sent to users via Twitter or texting. To play, viewers agree to the PSE Terms & Conditions and enter basic personal information that is COPPA compliant. The viewer has then created an account and is able to engage in game play. Whether a paid player wins or loses, their account is credited with virtual credits equal to the amount paid.


Accepted forms of payment include credit cards, iTunes and Google Play. Internationally, direct billing and PSMS payments methods are accepted. Reoccurring billing allows for club, monthly, “all-you-can-play” game play. Game play is not limited to $1 per answer or game. However, Youtoo limits players to $10 per day in game play.

Winner Selection

The winner is randomly drawn by the PSE from a pool of correct respondents. However, depending upon the game, multiple winners can be drawn from a pool of correct respondents.

Virtual Store – Making a Market

Once the player’s account is credited with virtual currency, they can purchase items from the online store including virtual goods, virtual services, meet-and-greets, merchandise, food, beverage, comp points, etc. Depending upon the game, virtual goods can be “in game purchases” including challenge a friend, challenge a leader, multi-player challenges, tournaments, etc. For certain networks or online services, players can use virtual credits to interact with the program. Players can send in texts, tweets, pictures and videos that can be aired, once approved by a producer, on a lower third or in a commercial bumper.