The Youtoo Premium Sweepstakes Engine (“PSE”) allows gaming operators to generate significant revenues, drive players on property and effectively market to Millennials. In an industry where growth is relatively flat, the PSE is the next generation of premium mobile and social electronic games.

The PSE is not Internet gaming or gambling. It allows for “already permissible” premium sweepstakes to be televised. Now, an operator can diversify its revenue portfolio by extending gameplay beyond the casino – either regionally or nationally.

Using existing commercials to promote the services, viewers pay-to pay on your website or mobile app for real cash and prizes; and everybody who plays receives a prize – only redeemable on property. In addition, for every registered player, the PSE delivers over 200 demographic statistics to supercharge your lead generation and marketing.

The system is 100% turnkey and risk free. Youtoo provides website and mobile app integration or provides a stand-alone app solely devoted to gameplay. The company administers the game, produces the TV commercials or lounge game, provides billing and manages all customer service.

With the recent approval by the Nevada Gaming Control Board, Youtoo is licensing the PSE to casinos beginning with Nevada operators. The benefits are numerous for gaming operators:

Expanding Gameplay Regionally and Nationally

Diversify your revenue portfolio by allowing players to play off property. Gaming operators currently advertise on regional and/or national TV with little visibility into ROI. The PSE incorporates “at home” premium sweepstakes gameplay into traditional casino TV commercials. This generates significant revenues while creating a direct billing and communication relationship with the “at home” player. In essence, small wagers off property in mass, generate substantial revenues.

Next Generation Lead Generation

Every “at home” player receives virtual credits that can be exchanged for comp points that attract new players on property. The PSE creates a tremendous database with over 200 data points on each player including average household income, education level, number of annual vacations, etc. This valuable database can be used to regionally micro-target and further incentivize players to visit the casino.


Effectively Market to Millennials

The PSE uses multiple platforms including television, mobile apps, social media and web gameplay to market to Millennials. This method of “at home” and “on demand” game play appeals to Millennials and the social gaming market. The instant gratification and social gamification built into the PSE will multiply the gaming operator’s reach across multiple demographics and is specifically attractive to the Millennial generation.

Enhanced Brand Recognition

In the television market, viewer participation enhances brand recognition and increases ratings (viewership). While operators worldwide spend billions annually on television advertising, the effectiveness of TV advertising is elusive. The PSE provides instant feedback via viewer participation. The real-time, big data reporting provides casinos with a dashboard that will measure the effectiveness of their television advertising spends. Further, since all prizes are redeemed at the casino, this allows management to optimize their promotions in a time frame not currently possible.

On Property Game Play

One of the many benefits to the casino operator is the ability to adapt the technology to enhance gaming revenues in sports lounges, in-room, before concerts and at point-of-sale purchases.